Can historic data change in Omniture due to changes in report suites settings?



We report from Omniture on a monthly basis. While doing the same this month we noticed that the data historic data is not matching with what we had reported earlier. This issue is limited to a single report suite. The segments and metrics definitions remain unchanged. I would like to know the probable reasons causing this issue.

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I presume there could be two reasons:

- the report built in the past did not include all data due to latency (for example, if the report was run on 1 Mar, not all of the data for 28-29 Feb could be fully processed at that time)

- the data for the past period was onboarded (uploaded) via Data Sources after that report was delivered


Also double check that you are working with a regular report suite, not with a virtual report suite as the latter is impacted by the applied to it segment.