Can activity map work across report suites?



It appears that activity map does not work very well across report suite - clicking a link on a page in one report suite does not fire that activity map link data on the next page load, which is in a second report suite.

Is this configurable in any way for tracking across report suites in the same account?

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mooreevan,

How activity map works is when a link is clicked the data is stored in a cookie (SQI) and then sent on the next load of AppMeasurement.

So the data might be sent, but to the wrong report suite from which the link was clicked and could make it complicated to get accurate data on all of the pages.

How you can test if Activity Map data is being sent would be the following steps-

Go to URL

Open dev tools and have the network tab opened.

Filter for b/ss

Click a link

View image request and here you should see activity map data.

I hope this helps.


Steven Hofheins | Adobe Support

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Hi mooreevan

This behavior needs to be tested. I would suggest you to share the web site URL and steps with clientcare to verify how activity map behaves when sending hits to different suites.