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I have set up the campaign tracking codes classification on our production report suite. One of our advertising agencies suffix their UTM parameters to our code before sending out ads. The RegEx I have used is ^(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)\_(.+)$ 

Some of our reports are now capturing our tracking code suffixed with ?utm_content and this is breaking my classification reporting due to the underscore. Could anyone please help me figure out a workaround for this? Is there a way we can omit the utm_content from getting captured?

Thanks in advance!

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Dear Sharanya,

What is the configuration to capture Tracking Code (s.campaign). Is it based on UTM_Source? Or UTM_Source + UTM_Content combined. It is nothing to do with your Classification or with your Media Agency. You would need to configure s.campaign in a way to capture whatever required. If you need personal assistance, reach out my mail box.

Thank You, Arun.



If their parameters come after yours, they should be prefaced with & not ?

Talk to your agency.