Campaign Standard to Analytics: Recipients by Email Delivery Metrics



Issue: when bringing datasets from AC Standard (ACS) to AA, we are unable to breakdown email metrics by recipient related dimensions


1. We have configured the new feature, released in July, that brings in data from AC Standard to AA (reference: Adobe Campaign Reporting)

At a high level every 15 minutes we are bringing in into AA via Data Sources metrics & dimensions from ACS linked to each "executed delivery ID".

2. We have configured ACS to add a "recipientID" to each URL upon a click within email

Important to note that besides the "recipientID", ACS appends the above mentioned "executed delivery ID" to the same URL

3. We upload additional customer dimensions via conversion classifications using "recipientID" as a key

In AA UI we see:

  • all ACS metrics related to delivery IDs
  • all customer attributes in "occurrences" and can break them down by all web metrics

The issue is in AAUI we can not:

breakdown ACS metrics by recipient dimensions, namely we can not tell how classified groups of recipients interact with ACS deliveries. For example we can not report on how females receive, open, and click emails.

Can you please let me know if we are missing any steps in the solution configuration to match two dataset together.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Marina,

The metrics pertaining to Campaign Execution:

  • Adobe Campaign Sent
  • Adobe Campaign Opened
  • Adobe Campaign Clicked
  • Adobe Campaign Processed
  • Adobe Campaign Delivered
  • Adobe Campaign Unique Open
  • Adobe Campaign Unique Click
  • Adobe Campaign Unsubscribed
  • Adobe Campaign Total Bounces
  • Adobe Campaign Executed Delivery ID Instances

Are associated to the variables:

  • Delivery ID (Internal Delivery Name that you see in Campaign)
  • Delivery Label ((Delivery in Campaign – Individual Delivery/Recurring Delivery/Transaction Delivery)
  • Campaign ID (Internal Campaign Name that you see in Campaign)
  • Campaign Label (Campaign in Adobe Campaign)
  • Executed Delivery Label (List of individual executed deliveries)

They are not associated to the Recipient ID in the data transfer from Campaign to Analytics.

They are transferred as aggregated totals per Delivery ID or Campaign ID

I can think of a way to report on females who click thru and do other activities on the site by using customer attributes but getting the delivery metrics is a problem

I am looking for a work around to this problem for you and will update if I find one.

It may be you need to run a workflow to extract the data and do some xls v lookup to analyse.

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Answers (2)



To add to my previous comment , we are able to breakdown deliveryIDs by recipientIDs successfully in occurrences and all web metrics, but not in relation to campaign metrics

Please see a screenshot below as an illustration of a report

The issue is to enable the Business to analyse / understand how their Customer Audiences interact with their email campaigns.

This feature is not available in ACS and we need to work out how to bring the metrics paired with audiences into Analytics to enable analytics along the full customer journey.




thanks JedElliott

A solution would be much appreciated

What I can not work out is why we are not able to match customer (email recipient) attributes with email metrics? Provided both keys (recipientID and deliveryName) are appended to the same URL on link clicks within email. What we do next is upload the data via dataSources (by deliveryName key) and Classifications (by recipientID key).

What is not matching / working?

We have tried using Core Services to exchange Audiences, however there seem to be no connection from , Core Services to AA as per Import Shared Audiences into Analytics