Calculation of "Time spent per visit (seconds)"



I am having a question due to time sepnt per visit seconds. I know it gets calculated like this: total time spent seconds/(visits-bounces).But when calculating it with a calculated metric I dont get the value back which it should be.

I have specific blog entries which I would like to get the time spent per visit. When including the regular adobe metric I get for example 144 seconds. But calculating it the way described above I get 125 seconds. Why is that so? what am I doing wrong?

I have created a hitlevel segment for all my blog entries:

Total          144

Blog 1   86

Blog 2   200

When summing it all up from my side I get 286 but the total shows 144. Plus when creating my own value as described above I get totally 125. So why is that so

Another thing: I would like to see the average time spent per visit per mont for evry blog entry. But I dont get how to do so. Because when I do a drill down for blog 1 I see that the total sum is 631 seconds but it shows me in the total 86 seconds and when trying to get the average I would have 90 and not 86.

Dows anyone knwo how to complete this. And I would also like to have the monthly max per blog in a freeform and not doing this for all blogentries seperately.

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