Calculated Metrics - Not calculating

erich59882955 12-08-2019

This started on 9/9.  A very simple metric that calculates the throughput % in our funnel by dividing submits by starts now always displays zero.  I have reviewed this calculated metric and change a number of things around and it always shows zero (I've since put it back).  The odd thing is the preview displays it correctly, but the report is always zero. 

Is there something known that's recently wrong with calculated metrics?

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erich59882955 14-08-2019

Yes, definitely a bug and I see it has been since fixed.  The calculated metrics appear to be calculating correctly as of this morning. 

iamjasona 13-08-2019

Agreed - there is something definitely wrong with calculated metrics when viewed in the Reports area.  I think it might be that the value is simply off by a factor of 100.

I have a simple "Conversion Rate" calculated metric (it might even be the OOTB metric) that is Orders divided by Visits.  For a simple scenario, I have 1 order and 4 visits...and in reports, the "Conversion Rate" shows as 0.25%.  Same data in Workspace and the Conversion Rate shows (correctly) as 25%.

I believe this issue started last Friday maybe - ???


erich59882955 13-08-2019

Thanks, but none of these conditions are true.  This calculated metric has been unchanged for a number of years, then started displaying zeros.  The values for that go into the simple calculation are present.  It looks like:

Quote Start          Quote Complete          QCR (Calculated metric)

244                         122                              0%

The CM is Quote Complete/Quote Start (1 decimal place, display as %) and again the preview in the CM will show (50%)

The above example is when i use a longer date range (0%).  When I use 1 day, it's displaying the example above as .5%.  Which appears to be a formatting issue. I also tested adding *100 to the CM and still displays zeros. 

Balaji_V 12-08-2019


Generally seeing all zeros on a calculated metric can mean one of two things:

  • An issue with the syntax of the calculated metric formula
  • One or more of the variables used do not contain data

The following are some common issues where calculated metrics return zeros:

  • Multiplying by a decimal without a leading zero:

[event2] * .5
[event2] *0.5

  • Multiplying by an event that is currently not implemented:
  • Dividing by zero: Similar to multiplying by zero, except it shows as #DIV/0! instead.
  • Open parenthesis: Forgetting to close parenthesis in your formula returns unexpected results or break the formula altogether:

[event3] * ([event1] + [event2]
[event3] * ([event1] + [event2])

  • Using brackets outside variables:

[event3] *[[event1] + [event2]]
[event3] *([event1 + [event2])

  • Accidentally removing a bracket:

[event4 / 7
[event4]/ 7

If after following all of the above troubleshooting steps your calculated metric is still not working as expected, have a supported user contact Customer Care.




Many things can go wrong here...

However If you are looking data into csv export? There was a change made in csv export data... this change was made to make it easier for customers to apply customized formatting to the exported data. To verify I would suggest to add 8 - 10 numbers after decimal values than see if you still getting zero.