Calculated Metric using linear regression slope



Hello Adobe Community,

I've been frantically trying to get the slope of a trended metric ( any metric over time ).

So I tried to use the Linear regression slope function on the calculated metric builder, since this function gives you the slope of this :

Y = a.X + b,

for any given X and Y metric ( and "a" the slope and "b" a constant)

My problem here is that trended metrics have more of a form like this :

Y(t) = a.t+b
(with t the time)

So I don't know what metric I need to put in here ( the metric builder needs 2 metrics, X and Y ).

My last solution is do it myself after extracting the CSV, which is fine with me, but I still wanted to know how to use all this functions !

The doc on the internet is quite empty on this subject, more input on this - and maybe the other functions -* would be really SWEET !

Kind regards,


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