Calculated metric to work out number of days between events happening

jamesf94601298 14-12-2017

Is there a way of creating a calculated metric to give me the number of days between to events/evars.

For example i want to be able to see the number of days between when the customer gets a quote and their trip departure date.

So if they get a quote on 15/12/17 and their departure date is 20/12/17 the metric would populate with 5 days.

a) is this possible?

b) does it requite 'quote date' being in the datalayer?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

nikitaf2673776 14-12-2017

One way to do this would be to put the two dates (quote date and departure date) in the data layer. Then in DTM you could have a page load rule that fires on your quote confirmation page that calculates the days between those two dates and puts it into an evar.

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Answers (1)


This is exactly what we're doing for this very forum's implementation, actually. We're taking the timestamp of every question, then the timestamp of replies, and bucketing them by day. This allows us to see the amount of time between when a question was asked and when it receives a reply. We then check out the report in Workspace to see each bucket, by day, as dimensions.