Bulk Management of Calculated Metrics Across VRS




In our company, business users monitor calculated metric trends vs last year down to the hour. For example, they want to see conversion rate trended by hour with the same hourly trend line for last year. This is easiest for them using the Standard Reports; by clicking into a calculated metric report found under the "Calculated metrics" menu.

The problem we are facing, is that calculated metrics are not reproduced in the Virtual Report Suite menus.

We manage web analytics for over 16 brands and growing. Each brand is a global business. Our largest brand has 52 regions. For each brand, we populate all data under one global report suite. Then we use virtual report suites to separate each local region. The reason for this is that each local region has their own local team. The local teams only have access to the local VRS and require the calculated metrics to be present in the main menu.

Can anyone relate to this problem? Are you aware of any solutions for bulk calculated metric management?

Thank you!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




So I did some testing on my end, and at a minimum, users have access to calculated metrics to any report suites they have access to.

Another thing you can try is to Approve Calculated Metrics​, which should make them accessible to other users in the organization.

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