Bulk Data export not working - trying to download all pages and rows of referring domains report

walter_rodrigue 23-11-2016

Hi there! I've navigated to my Referring Domains report and when I click to export the data it's only letting me download at most the 200 rows that show onscreen, not all the additional pages of data for the timeframe I selected.  Even when I navigate to "Advanced Download options" it's still only letting me download what's currently showing the page (at most 200 rows) even when I increase the number of rows in the Advanced Download options section.  I'm using both Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.  Any ideas? 


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Hi Walter,

The best way for you to get every single row is going to be to use a data warehouse request.

  1. Go to Tools > Data Warehouse
  2. Specify a name, report suite, and date range
  3. Under breakdowns, check referring domains
  4. Under metrics, use whatever you want (likely page views, visits, or unique visitors)
  5. Click 'request this report'

After it's done processing, it should arrive in your email inbox.

walter_rodrigue 28-11-2016

Hi Tanmay,

yes I tried the CSV file download out to 50K rows but the the file still only downloads what is shown on the screen for number of rows i.e. 200 rows and doesn't download hte rest of the 49,800 rows.  Perhaps a download bug? Anyway I can get a tech to help me through the process? 


Community Manager

Hi Walter,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

Due to differences in processing mechanisms and platforms, the various types of downloadable and scheduled reports available in Adobe Analytics have different limitations regarding the maximum number of rows they can process in a single request. Here are the limits:
Word, Excel, PDF: The same number of rows visible in the report. By default this limit is 50 rows but can increase up to 500. Breakdown reports have a hard limit of 50 rows.

CSV: 50,000 rows
Data Extracts: 50,000 rows
Data Warehouse: Unlimited

If you want to download more than 200 rows the best option would be to go for a CSV file download. 

I hope this helps.