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Can some one please guide me or let me know if it is possible to perform a bulk breakdown for multiple records in a single request?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Yeah, see the 'Breakdown reports' section on this page: analytics-2.0-apis/reporting-guide.md at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis · GitHub

There's also using multiple breakdowns here: analytics-2.0-apis/reporting-multiple-breakdowns.md at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis · GitHu...

In workspace, click on the first item then shift+click on the last item - once all those dimension values are selected, drag a dimension over to break down all highlighted values.

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Answers (4)



Hi Gigazelle,

Thank you for those hints. I had a look at those resources already. Most probably I did not explained my need in a clear manner. What I am trying to do is to make a single request to Adobe API 2.0 in order to retrieve a report breakdown based on the specified dimension for all records that belong to the first level report. According to the existing documentation if you want to get a breakdown report you would have to make  a breakdown request for each individual item.

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|Your help is much appreciated!|