Building a segment - Within x hits operator





I a creating a segment and having hard time to overcome flawed implementation with some quick n dirty:


Hit 1 - A

Hit 2 - A

Hit 3 - A

Hit 4 - B

If I set in the Segment builder that State=A THEN Within 1 hits State=B with does Adobe check

1) Hit 1 and Hit 2 = false or

2) does it compare Hit 3 and Hit 4 which would mean that this Visit and Visitor would be included in the segment?


There is unknown and varying amount of hits between state A and B and no way to control how many hits user sends before moving from A to B but just using Visit scope might lead to false positives.


Thanks for your input!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The segment as described will return any visits that contain "A then B within one page view" at any point within the journey.  So the journey described would be included as it matches this criteria.


I also wondered whether turning off "count repeat instances" under the menu Project > Project Info & Settings might be useful to you depending on what you are doing as hit 2 and hit 3 would be filtered out in this case.

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