Building a segment for hits NOT followed by a certain sequential hit



Hello Adobe Forums -

I have a search results page with suboptimal Adobe tracking. On page load, there is another separate tracking call that sets value relevant to the users' search. When the search returns zero results, that second call doesn't fire. I'm trying to segment searches with zero results on the HIT level - it's simple enough to do on the visit level (include Page = search results, exclude page = search results THEN within one hit the subsequent evar sets).

But because it's only defined by the absence of that second call, I can't figure out how to isolate page views of the search result page that are not followed within one hit by a group of specific props/evars setting. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



What if you made the page view populate a new event of

"Zero items found"

When the page loads if "Zero items found" then the event is triggered. As long as Zero result is on page before page bottom of Adobe code fires then all you would do is  a pages report and the metric Zero items found event. The vent is even segmentable...


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