Breaking Down Props be each other




I am currently working on first Adobe Analytics implementation project and I am learning on the go... Everything went well so far (using data layer and DTM) but recently I have encountered an issue.

I have several props set up through my website but I find it really problematic to break down one by another.

For example: I have a prop that saved the name of the page/ the URL when the page is loading. And then, I have another prop that saves the URL of a certain CTA clicked on that page. When I try to see which URL (CTA) have been clicked on a certain page it is just not working, it shows up a number much smaller than it should be. I tried this multiple ways in the workspace but still no clue.

I would really appreciate it if someone with experience could guide me through this, maybe I have a faulty understanding and I should use evars instead? or should these props be setup in the same call?

Any help is much appreciated!!



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Loana,

The tendency of s.prop is to forget current value immediately after hit (image request sent). However, you will not see any issue in breaking down any props sent in same image request. s.eVar, on the other hand, is smart and can remember values based on its allocation and expiration custom settings.

In your case, I would recommend setting pageName/URL in a new custom s.eVar (allocation last touch, expiration visit) on each pageview. This new eVar will help you get the true number when breakdown with your current CTA prop.

Thumb rule is -

use prop where you need to see pathing or need to list value by a delimiter or in a specific need to expire tracked value on hit.

use eVar when you need to use the eVar to breakdown for other page-level actions or when you want to track conversion with the event.