Breaking a long Tracking Code into several Evars



My tracking code is cmp=<a-value-of-characteristic-1>_<a-value-of-characteristic-2>_<a-value-of-characteristic-3>.

Note that an underscore _ separates those three parts of the tracking code.  Each characteristic (1, 2, and 3) can have many different values.  For example, characteristic-1 might be the publisher, characteristic-2 might be the banner size, and characteristic-3 might be the banner's message.

For example, it could be cmp=hgtv_200x140_bigsale

I want to keep cmp as a long string for the tracking code report, but I also want three new evars - one for characteristic-1, another evar for characteristic-2, and another evar for characteristic-3.

In other words, I want to end up with a report on just all the publishers, another report on all the banner sizes, and another report all the banner messages.

Hope this makes sense.  How do I create three evars from different parts of the underscore-delimited value of the tracking code?

Thanks for any help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




you do not need to create additional eVars this is a typical case for Classification Rule Builder.
1. Create a Conversion Classification for your Campaign Variable (Report Suites -> Edit Settings -> Conversion Classifications) 
2. Go to Classification Rule Builder and create a new rule. 
3. Now you have to RegEx for your required values something like:

Rule Type                Match Criteria            Set Classification        To

RegEx                     ^(.*)_(.*)_(.*)$             Publisher                     $1 
RegEx                     ^(.*)_(.*)_(.*)$             Banner Size                $2 
             ^(.*)_(.*)_(.*)$             Banner Msg                $3 


Now you can break down by your campaign code and all three classifications.

I hope this helps.



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