Breakdown tracking code by entry pages, why there are more pages than expected



Breakdown tracking code by entry pages, why there are more pages than expected?

I breadown our new sms campaign by entry page, the tracking code url we embeded is​ Why there are other entry pages by breaking down the code?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Jiing, Marion,

I wont suggest you for complicating the segment.

Just use the segment (HIT Container) with 'Tracking Code' equals the value you need.

In the report, don't select Visits but just select 'Tracking Code Instances'. It will give you the exact result.

Tracking Code Instances will be same as Visit if you have used the plugin 'getvalonce' in your implementation for s.campaign parameter and thus you can use the numbers instead of Visits.

Thank You


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Answers (9)



Tracking Code has an expiry  [ How long a value gets credit ] typically set to 30 days.

So after clicking through the campaign for next 30 days even if the user visits directly the entry page is treated as part of the latest tracking code value.

If you want to see data of only the campaign click-through visit then build the following segment

Show : Visit

Add a Container  [ Hit ]

In segment definition - Clickthrough exists

Hope this helps.



Hello Gigazelle

Thnaks fot the info, I had already checked that, still no signs of the metric Tracking instaces in my workspace. This is really abnormal, shoul I open a client Care ticket ?

This is the config of the tracking code :


and this are the results from the search bar in the Workspace :1561288_pastedImage_1.png

Cheers  !




Lots of people rename their eVar0 (named Tracking Code by default) to something else. If you go into your report suite settings under Conversion Variables, you'll see what it has been renamed to.



Hello Gigazelle

I agree with you, but where is the Tracking code instance ? I cannot find this metric, and I'm well aware that every evar - here evar0 by default -  has an associated metric counter for each new instanciation - but for some reason I cannot find this one in my search on the workspace ! is thera spetial config for this ?

Cheers !




Agreed with Arun here. When using both tracking codes and entry pages, there are two persistent variables afoot:

  • Tracking code persists however long you have it set in report suite settings. The two most common settings are 30 days and visit.
  • Entry page automatically persists throughout an entire visit, regardless of report suite settings.

In order to only see the entry pages where tracking code was defined, using tracking code instances would be the best way since both tracking codes and entry pages persist but tracking code instances are only set on the hit tracking code was defined.




When you say Clickthrough exists are you talking about the metric "Caimpaign Clickthrough ?1553498_pastedImage_0.png

Also, I don't undertand why I'm getting more page views with the Visit container (Show visit ) followed by the hit container?

I tried just using a hit container (with no parent visit container) and i get almost half the page views. Shoud'nt the Campaignh Click-through be in all the pages ? or is it because we have a problem with internat domains navigation ?

jingl3048017​ ! Thanks for your question , I was wondering the same thing just yesterday ! what a conincidence !

Cheers !




If tracking code is evar, then it is persistent, until the expire time you set.

So, like teknopointindia1 mentioned, e.g.

User A clicked the promotion link to your site > left > come again through a unpaid channel, e.g. Direct Load, the evar is still in this visit.

In a word, you'll see more counts/page/results than actual visit.

A better way is to have another parameter set in the URL for promotion.


And let the Omniture identify whether "channel=oa" in the visit, if yes, then it's Online Advertisment, otherwise, it'll be Referral or Organic Search or Direct Load.

Then in the report, breakdown "channel" by "code", you'll get more accurate result, which means the real visit from "online advertisement"