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Hi! I'm working with a table in adobe analytics where the objective is to know the bounce rate for every page that our website has. I'm using a segment that must choose just those pages that have a determinate provider (we have a dimension that makes possible to choose the provider). It works well when I use the metrics visits, page views and bounces, BUT when I use the metric bounce rate, adobe analytics shows all the pages not just for the selected providers, but also other providers, and these have just "0" visits, page views and bounce rate. Do you know what the problem could be?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Nataly,

Okay, let me try to explain you again.

Metrics like Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitor, Bounces are attributed at the 'Hit' level and thus if you have a segment with 'Hit' container, you will see only the pages under the Hit Condition.

However, If you add Entries & Exits, the Pages not a part of the segment will also included in the 'Hit' container. But this makes sense because Hits on the Segmented Page will have Entries from other pages as well.

Bounce Rate is Bounces / Entries and thus you see more line items excluding the ones on the Segment.

You try to add Entries and Exits Metric, you can see more line items other than the Segmented Pages. Try to change the container to 'Visit', you will also see that Entries and Exits will be still same but other metrics will differ. It was just about attribution, nothing else.

Thank You!