Bounce rate for materials ordered

pallavi778 17-04-2017



I am trying to look for a way in which I can see how many products were added to cart but not finally ordered. I used Cart Additions metric on Workspace, but the output numbers were 0 against each product even though the Orders were not 0. Is there any other metric which can give me the bounce rate for materials ordered. I tried comparing with visits on the ordering page as well. However for some products no. of visits is less than the orders. I am trying to view no of instances when a product was added to a cart but not ordered.

Thank you for your help in advance!!

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Hi Pallavi ,

I will suggest you can try creating a segment with a visit container and conditions as

Cart Addition Exists


Order Doesnot Exisits

Apply that on product report and should give the result which you are looking for 

Løjmann 18-04-2017

Hi Pallavi,

It sounds like you need to look at your implementation. Either does your implementation not set the scAdd event (named Cart Additions in the interface) or you are not using the same product name/SKU when adding and ordering.