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Dear ,

Then it is not 'Bounce', it is an 'Exit'.

Exit Rate = Exits Of Specific Page / Visits of Specific Page will give you an answer.

Thank You!


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Answers (6)



It is, but the segment I've created doesn't seem to work like that.

If I exclude entries to that page I'm left with the visits where the entries were other pages. It still calculates the bounce rate against the entry pages, not the 1st page of the form.

As far as i'm aware bounce rate is calculated like this:

Bounce rate = bounces(of entry page)/entries

I would like to calculate

Bounce rate = Bounces of specific page/specific page visit(not necessarily the entry page)




The bounce rate after the applied segment is calculated based on only included data. Hits that fall outside the segment are not calculated into bounce rate. That's what you're looking for, correct?



Doesn't that still apply the bounce rate the whatever the entry page is? I wish to know the bounce rate against step 1 of my form not the entry page. Basically a way of measuring they visit the page and don't interact



Hi urs.boller,

So I have a transactional funnel which is essentially several pages of forms. Some traffic lands directly on this form but other traffic will pass through the rest of the website before entering the funnel. I want to understand what the bounce rate is of the traffic that visits the first page of the funnel but were already on the website. We have direct calls on most form fields, is there some way we can leverage this to understand the bounce rate?





what exactly do you mean? is the „landing page“ equal to „entry page“ or something else?

the bounce rate is by default only available for the entry page. that means the bounce rate calculates how many people came to a specific page and didn‘t have another page view compared to total visits. see here: Bounce Rate

if you want to know the bounce rate for pages that are not the main landing pages, just have a look at the bounce rate report, break down by page name and exclude the main landing page