Bots - Hundreds of IP Addresses that Change (2017-Dec)



Please see Cristine Drach post on July 1 2015:

18 months later and I also have this issue. I have ~5,300 one-hit visits from 13 cities around the world, most of which my company has no connection to. The IP addresses are very dispersed and no user agent information is collected. Adobe's Live Assistance rep said I should post here:

Harveer Singh Gill: Jon I won't be able to forward this incident to engineering team as this is not a bug with the tool as of now, it is working as designed. However, you can share your suggestion/recommendations for any new features directly with our product engineering team at

Hopefully, Adobe can figure something out to exclude this bot traffic.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jon, Harveer is technically correct. The data set is reporting on the information it received. Other than the IAB bot list, there's really no way to determine the legitimacy of a given hit unless you specify as such.

Here are a couple things I'd check:

  • Make sure your report suite is configured to filter all IAB bots.
  • Use segmentation to try and find a common thread for all suspected bots
  • While user agent is not an available variable to use, you can collect it in a custom variable like a prop. It is also available in clickstream data feeds.

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