BlueKai integration to Adobe Analytics

caseyo44074121 26-07-2018


I'm attempting to integrate Adobe Analytics with Oracle BlueKai DMP.

Our Adobe Analytics tag creates a global `window.s` object, my question is, how do I ensure my eVar values are captured properly? Do I need to wrap the eVar in a certain syntax for to capture values, or will my tag below automatically capture the values within the 'window.s' object?


<!-- Begin BlueKai Tag in body-->

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">

window.s = {

eVar10: 'eVar10Value',

eVar112: 'eVar112Value',


if (window.BKTAG !== undefined) {


reportSuiteID: [INSERT_ID],

marketingCloudContainerID: [INSERT_ID],

analyticsVisitorContainerID: [INSERT_ID],



//pass UUIDs for ID swaps using the following syntax:

//bk_addPageCtx('eVar1', 'value');

bk_addPageCtx("eVar1", "'eVar1'");




site_id: [INSERT_ID]

, pixel_limit: 4


function() {



<!-- End BlueKai Tag -->

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