Bing Secure Search - Not Tracking As A Search Engine



On July 9th, 2015, I noticed in my reporting that traffic coming from Bing without a query string parameter for keyword is being logged as Referrer Type "Other Web Sites", it should be logging as Search Engine.

Consequently, this is breaking the several canned reports.  For those reading this that don't understand how search engine detection works for Adobe Reports and Analytics...

FROM Support

for any qualified search engine, it has to satisfy two conditions 

  1. first should be recognized search engine, which in this case Bing is
  2. and second should have a valid query parameter as per our records

but since they have started stripping off the query parameters, referrer type is being credited as "Other Web Sites", this is breaking several reports under Traffic Sources

  • Search Engines
  • Paid Searches
  • Referrer Type

As this is a canned report for Adobe Reports and Analytics, I would hope that this is an urgent fix.  Can you please provide an update on this and when we should expect a fix.  And the bigger question, we knew this was coming, why was the reporting not ready to handle this?  I remember the same thing happened when google went to secure search in 2011. 

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