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Hi all

I have come across an issue with one of my events in Adobe Analytics

We have a custom event for product view which captures 1 or 0 if a product has been viewed in the hit or not (it fires once on the page)

When looking at clickstream data I realised the way the product view is captured is wrong. On some occasions it collects correctly as a binary event, however, in some cases it is being collected as a numeric event.

For example, in the event_list column in clickstream we have this correct form. Say the event is event 2, it looks like this


Indicating the event has occurred, which is correct

However in other cases we are seeing this


In this case Adobe is capturing the value 33 in the event instead of a 1. I have checked the data in clickstream against Adobe workspace to confirm this. It is very odd, can anyone explain why and how to fix this? I can also see this occurring on another event too

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Jasmine,

If you just need 'counter' event, just populate the event rather than to increment it by a value.

Use s.products=";;;;event2" rather than s.products=";;;;event2=33".

Thank You!


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Answers (2)



Yes this is what is happening. It is capturing as a numeric event on some occasions, even though it set up as a counter variable, so it's very odd. Thanks, will inquire with the developer




I presume, the implementation is working the way that the event2 is set as"event2=33" or s.products=";;;;event2=33".

This is used to increment the event by a certain value rather than by one. Ask your developer to check this.