Best way to compare Facebook Ads data with Adobe analytics?

alv123456 12-10-2017

Hi community,

is anybody using facebook's ad reporting tools for measuring conversion? We are currently trying to understand how we could compare facebook's conversion measurement with adobe analytics?

Curerntly the deviation is huge. But this is due to different attribution models and afaik data collection methods. While with Adobe we work with the cookie info and check upon registration the traffic source's info (not merely referrer info, because we made the experience that the referrer info is unreliable and can get lost), facebook doesn't (Discrepancies between third-party reporting and Facebook Ads Reporting | Facebook Help Center | Face... ) However I didn't fully understand how they do it.

I thought that maybe lookign at first touch-last touch the reported figures would come close, but they do not.

Any ideas or experiences?

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alv123456 15-12-2017

Because when in the one tool the conversion rate goes up and in the other down, then this is food for thought: we want to exclude there was a wrong setup.

I'm not expecting the numbers to be the same, but at least the trends should be.

And Referring Domain is not valuable, in many cases a redirect domain is in between.


Hi Alessandro,

First question: Why attempt to compare when both platforms only have access to limited data (i.e. data that was collected on that particular domain)?

You can try to create a segment where referring domain is facebook, or if your ads have a specific query string/value, you could try segmenting on that. Realistically though, you likely won't get close to parity due to the nature of differing platforms, differing attribution, and different definitions of visits/unique visitors.

You can check out this article for more info: Comparing Adobe Analytics data to third-party products