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Does anyone know of a best practices guide to tagging modals on a page? These would be pop-up messages on a web page which may not be served to everyone, but when it is served it may have multiple routes the user could take with it: click close button, click outside the box to close, click any of a few call to action links on the pop-up, fill out a few boxes already visible in the pop-up, etc.

The objective would be to understand how many times the pop-up was visible as well as to break down user interactions with the pop-up. As well, the analytics implementation should be robust so that the same set of props, eVars, events, can be used with multiple different pop-up flavors across the site and over the calendar year.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



I'm not aware of a best practice guide but we always tag them as normal page views and that provides us with everything that need when it comes to reporting. Track the main page as a referrer so you can tell the source of the click and if you have multiple CTA's on the same page you can tag those too and use pathing to decipher, we don't usually get that deep as the referrer is usually enough.

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