Best Practice: When to Expire a Merchandised Product Name



Has anyone out there determined a best practice for when a merchandised product name on cart adds (scAdd) should be expired?  Currently, we've been expiring it after the visit, but we've been asked if it should be changed to expire upon purchase.  The way we typically fire the product string on a cart add like this:

events: scAdd,scOpen:<basketID>,eventX,eventY
products: ;<upc>;;;eventX=<units>|eventY=<revenue>;eVarX=<productName>|eVarY=<productCategory>

Based on this setup, what would you advise?

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Visit expiration seemed like a great idea back before multi-tabbed browsing became so popular, but now that its common to have 20 tabs open in a browser, all of them being juggled back and forth or temporarily put on hold. Expiring variables at the visit seems like a great way to under-attribute success.

If someone searched for "adidas", then added a pair of shoes to their cart from the search results, then switched back to something they're working on in a different tab, but then returns an hour later and purchases the shoes. I would still want to know that the search term "adidas" is what contributed to the item being added to cart and ultimately purchased.

Like Arun said above, it depends on your business requirement, but in my opinion, far too many variables are expired at the visit level.

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Answers (2)



Thanks to both of you.  Yes, you're right that the Business Requirements have a lot to do with it, but I'm of the type who likes to see what other people are doing who have been at this longer than me.  Your feedback is definitely helpful, and I will be discussing this with my team later today.  If anyone has any additional insights, they are much appreciated.

Thanks again!





Dear Jeff,

Actually it is based on Business Requirement. I prefer to have it in Visit and mostly do so.

But if needed, we can set the expiration based on purchase event.

Thank You