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angelad64963316 23-11-2017


I am using Tableau to build my dashboards as its preferred in house.  There is no connector from Adobe to Tableau so i have to use Data Warehouse to extract what i need.

I want the dashboard to show Visitors, Visits, Visits by Traffic sources, Bounce Rate %, top pages.

To do this i've been selecting the following dimensions: Referring Domain, Referrers and Referrer Type to help me identify my traffic.  For metrics: Visits, Visitors and page views (although i'm not sure I need PVs).

i'm looking for the best practice in terms of showing which traffic drove the most visits to the site.  i'm confused between ORD and RD.  I kind of understand that RD is the last click channel - i hope?

In terms of Bounce rate, i export from Site Catalyst a separate report which includes bounces and entries because i can add this in Tableau.

Can someone advise which Referring Domain type i should be using?

Thanks so much


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 23-11-2017

Hi referring domain should work but:

ORD is when a visitor comes to your site multiple times and they have multiple referrers but the first one is ORD

RD is when the referrer, referrer type, and referring domain are set on the first hit of the visit, or during a visit when the referrer is external.

I personally use RD. Its more like lat channel click.

In DW see my screen grab bounce isn't available in DW.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 13.41.41.png

Also under delivery options go to advanced. You will see Tableau is an output format option. May save you some work.

this will give you page level data. If that's too granular remove page and you will get site wide data.

Good luck

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Answers (4)

angelad64963316 24-11-2017


We have a number of digital activties running - display ads and emails.  However, because of the nature of how our site is built and because we are using akamai to render the correct country/language, when I use links for emails or display, i have to use a generic spdr link which redirects to the particular user's country and subsequent domain.  When that happens, my query strings fall off.  So i'm concerned that the following attribution happens.  Email > SPDR site > Redirect to Country SPDR site.  And so with RD, the domain seems to be given to SPDR site.  I hope this wasn't too confusing.

pabloc82923542 24-11-2017

Ok I think I now see what you are trying to do and I may have a much easier solution for you....

Are you working with email campaigns and then trying attribute to them the impact of traffic generated by each email campaign?

angelad64963316 24-11-2017

Pablo you have been super helpful i just have two more questions, if you don't mind.

One, i have two VRS setup.  One at a visit level and one a hit level.  Which one for the same purpose as a above should I be using?

Secondly, one of the reasons i looked at the ORD is because I'm managing a site with numerous sub-domains which users tend to switch between.  i've seen a lot of referring domains which show spdrs as the referrer so i'm concerned that the original traffic source, ie., email isn't getting the credit it deserves....

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angelad64963316 23-11-2017

Thanks its good to hear this.  Yes, what i do with bounce rate is to extract from Site Catalyst (not DW) bounces and entries.  I then import to Tableau and perform the calculation that way.

Because the data in DW isn't processed i have to tidy it up a bit, for instance my email traffic comes in as Other Web Sites so i need to fix the little things like that, and webmail, etc.