Backtrack or Rebuild data?



Good Day everyone,

May I ask, is it possible to rebuild or backtrack data in Adobe Analytics or Discover?

In our recent campaigns, we missing some parameter's in the URL.


Regular AD URL:

now, we missed the "Channel=yt" for 1 week.

So, in the Omniture, when we see the traffic source by "Channel", we'll see from "YT" significantly dropped for that week.

But the "banner" code is unique, it means, once we know the code is 12345, we know channel=yt as well.

So, is there anyway in Data Warehouse or anywhere, to rebuild or backtrack the data, then in Omniture report, we can see the "Channel" in a correct way?

Please kindly advise.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




You can look at Numeric 2 classifications which allows to create metrics based on period etc.. Numeric 2 Classifications

You can import data using Data Source as well Data Sources Template

All that I can think off right now