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How do I get Adobe Analytics to stop logging me out? I would like to leave open whatever analysis I am doing and come back to it.  Is there a setting that I might not know about?  Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi marca56132094​ and sw89461216​,

Thanks for writing in.

The ideal session time out is 2 hours, as far as I know. Apart from this, Adobe would also log out the session in case the IP changes dynamically in between. This is due to security reasons. Please refer this doc: Troubleshoot expired sessions in Adobe Analytics  and reach out to Adobe Client Care with all the IP ranges to whitelist them. It might help significantly.


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Answers (2)



I don't have a solution but just highlighting that I am also having the same issue, I get logged out whilst building up reports and dashboards and am losing hours of work as it does not automatically save work.

Other than constantly saving work every 5 minutes, is there a better way to get round this.