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Hello Adobe Community !

I just got a request from my category manager teams, they would like to stope uploading the product classification every 2 weeks, and instead relying on a automated process.

Does anyone have any feedback on this ? maybe using the API ? It's the first time I stump to this use case - it must be something that someaone has already achieved !

Cheers !

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Assuming that the product classification information must be provided from an external source, there are two ways to do it.

1) Manually upload classification files (sound like this is what you are doing today).

2) Upload classification files via FTP. 

If you can work with your team to create the SAINT (product classification) files in an automated process, it shouldn't be a big deal to add an FTP upload to the end of that process.

What's nice is that once automated, you can run the process more frequently.  Also, you can optimize the upload to only include the changes which allows the processing on the Adobe side to happen much more quickly.

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Are you able to capitalize off the the capabilities of the classification rule builder? If so, that would be the most automated way to classify things.