Are there any plans to develop Analytics API?



Users have been requesting that many of the missing Report Suite/Admin API (v1.4) become available in the I/O Console (as v2.0 API). In particular, many users would benefit from exporting the mapping of processing rules, as suggested here.

Is this something that is on the road map for Analytics API development?

API Export of data Processing Rules

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Roadmap discussions typically do not take place on our public forum. Our product team takes into account the ideas suggested here on the community as well as the ideas discussed with our clients in their various meetings and our own business objectives when creating their roadmap. If you wish to have a roadmap discussion with our Adobe teams, please get in contact with your account manager to see if they can set something up. 


Alternatively, vote on the ideas you'd like to see make it into our products on the community ideas page.

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