Are getting good geolocation for sites behind a proxy? (X-Forwarded-For)



Folks, we've been using Omniture for years and we were receiving nice geolocation reports until we put our B2B sites behind a proxy.   So now all of our business customers access the site through the proxy, and since they all appear as coming from the same IP address, the geolocation reports have become rather boring.

I've seen conflicting ideas as to how to resolve this, and I would be thrilled if someone could chime in and let me know what worked for them.

Seems like we can enable the X-Forwarded-For header on the webseal proxy and then Omniture *should* pick it up automatically.

However, suggests that it doesn't work,

On the other hand, suggests that it does work.

The second link says "Analytics will have already parsed the incoming X-Forwarded-For header and determined the correct IP address to use."


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The X-Forwarded-For will work as that's what our server looks for, however, you'd need to ensure that the header must contain the correct IP i.e. the private IP and not the proxy server's one.


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