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We are looking to integrate appfigures data into Adobe Analytics. I was wondering whether you could provide clear definitions of the metrics below as it will help us to manage the integration:

  • App Store Rank
  • App Store Rank Divisor
  • App Store Rating
  • App Store Rating Divisor

We have looked up the definitions and relationship between the metrics on the Adobe website extensively. We would, however, like a clearer definition and understanding of the relationship between these metrics. For example, we are unclear exactly what divisor means in this instance. I have pasted a link to the Adobe PDF for you to understand the information we have currently been referring to:

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Accepted Solutions (1)



The Divisor metrics count the number of times data was pushed for the day and are used to normalize the rank and ratings values. They're necessary because the analytics system of the dashboard under the hood doesn't allow for updating data but rather just adding new data, which causes issues for values like ratings which is a sum and ranks which is a snapshot value.

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