App Referrer on Website, whiche one?



I am having an understanding question and hope you are able to help me out.

We have an app which gets tracked into reportsuite xy and our website gets tracked into report suite xz.

Within the app there is a link which isnt tracked or includes a query string and this link gets forwarded to our website reportsuite xz.

Now I would like to know how many user came through the app link to our website. Which referrer would the app user have? how could I test this scenario.

I have found a referrer with something android-app://, but this referrer always starts with hitdepth 2 or 3 never with one and has alwaqys an internal referrer from our website which seems odd to me.

Does anyone have a great idea on that?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If they're coming from an app, they're not going to have a referrer unless your implementation specifically overrides the referrer value.

However, since you're passing a query string, if you have a variable that's capturing that query string, you should be able to use it to determine how many clicks within the app are getting.

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