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Hi all,

I tried to create reports that contain more than 100000 terms in one file, i tried the "Extract Data" option, also i tried use the Data Warehouse tool that have the Adobe Analytics, but i did not have success, then i want to use the API from adobe sitecatalyst, and my question is:

Exist an example code and documentation to start with the API of Adobe sitecatalyst to uniderstand quickly and create reports?

Thank you


José Miguel.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



josé miguelh60302108​ : Ideally, data warehouse would help to to extract the complete data. You could open the resulting file in tools like EMEditor, etc as excel as limitation of 100,000 rows. Make sure you extract data to FTP as email would fail with this amount of data.

The other options are :

1.) Clickstream data- Raw data feed, which is now an option available under SC-->>Admin -->> Data feeds. You could extract data and follow algorithms to convert it into processed data. Link: Analytics Data Feed  for your reference.

2.) Using API's, extract the data - GetReportData | Adobe Developer Connection

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