Anything wrong in the "Sequential Segment"?




How I can create a NEW SEGMENT B > D, to get all pages visited between 2 pages?

Include EveryoneABC DBCDE
Only Before SequenceABCDB
Only After SequenceDBCDE

Will following Segment satisfy above example?1630902_pastedImage_0.png

Real Case:

I tried to create a "sequential segment" to get all visits among specific type of page name, so that I can apply the segment to reports to understand user behaviour between the content.

E.G., what's the activity map regions are between 2 "Hint and Tips"? What's the user path between 2 "Hint & Tips".

BTWEEN means all activities start from a HT Page, end with a HT Page, but exclude all pages before a HT page or after the last HT page visited.

So I created the sequential segment as following:


I tried to validate whether the segment is correct, so I applied it to "Page Name" report, but I can see result as following:


My understanding is: since I've set the "within 1 pageviews" sequential segment, then all the "page name" under "among KB" should contain "HT".

Then why so many other pages listed under "among KB"? Is it because in the segment, all pages BEFORE a HT page are also included?

I tried to change to: after 1 hits, within 2 hits, within 2 page views, but similar result listed.


How I can create the segment, which contains only ALL the visits and pagename start from HT1 or HT2 pages then visited another HT page? e.g.

Home Page > HT1 > HT2 > Exit

Landing on HT1 > Search Page > HT2 > Exit

Home Page > HT1 > Support Page > Exit

Search > HT2 > Contact Us > Submit Form > HT1 Exit


HT1, HT2, Search Page, Contact Us, Submit Form

Does not inlude:

Home Page, Support Page

Thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I'm afraid the criteria here is not within the scope of segmentation in Adobe Analytics. Excluding the undesired pages, in combination with sequential segmentation, is going to be your best option in getting this data.

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Answers (4)



Thanks for your reply Usboller, I considered similar "solution" last night, which means exclude all "before" and "after" sequence.

Then I am wondering how a UX designer get some "best" user pathes for success event...




I don't know of any easy solution, because standard and advance segments (eg. sequential segments) do not give what you are looking for.

what happens when you just exclude all the hits you don't want to see? just exclude the pages you mentioned in your original question...



Good afternoon Ursboller,

Yes, it is possible user landing on a HT page.

So what I want to include, is all the pages visited from a HT page to another HT page, no matter the first HT page is a landing page or not.

Thank you.