Any way to include/exclude in real-time traffic report?



I am running Real-Time Traffic Reports for the current website traffic but I want to exclude specific pages when viewing real-time report. I can use the caret which allows me to select pages that begin with, however, i want everything except one type of page. So I am looking to see if there was a way to exclude something/name or excluding something that begins with while showing everything else? This is in regards to page search field, I am able to use ^ to determine that I want to show what pages that begin with something specific. thanks in advanced

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Hi Edward,

Use - (Minus Symbol) to exclude something.


A Page

B Page

C Page

D Page

To exclude page that starts with D, Regular expression is -^D will exclude D Page and includes rest of the pages.





thanks, i've been using the * but some of the pages i'd like to monitor contains different variations, there is just 1 group of pages in particular I do not want to capture in real-time.



Thanks, i tried and it didn't give me any data in return, I did get this banner error message on top:


An unknown error occurred in retrieving some or all of your data from RealTime.OverviewReport. This endpoint returned with a status code of -1. Please submit this error to Adobe Client Care for further diagnosis

The caret symbol that begins with works fine, but when I added the - to it, that's when I got the error message. Any idea?




Hey Edward,

I do not think there is a syntax to set a filter for exclusion.

Just in case, another character that may be helpful for you is * that works as a wildcard.