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Hey All -

Working to find a solution for a seemingly simple ask. My company is in retail and for the holiday season they want to see a report that is sent automatically every hour that reflects Sales, Orders and Margin.

That being said, we currently use SAINT classifications for product information so I am trying to add a Numeric Classification for the cost of goods (again, a seemingly simple ask). The cost of goods is a fixed value at the product level, but should be multiplied by things like quantity when looking at orders. I.e. if a product's cost of goods is $1, but there were 3 in an order, the overall cost of goods for the order would be $3.

My question for the community is: what would I use for the cost rate and cost hinge? Would they both just be fixed?

Also, once I have that resolved, there's still the issue of the hourly aggregated report. Is it possible to pull that value in report builder and aggregate it for the hour (via a product report) without pulling the thousands of product IDs associated with it?

Any insight is appreciated!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Creges,

Can you check the list of Examples to get an idea for your 1st question? Hope it will be covered.

Reagrding Report Builder, you should if you have dedicated event for it or subtotal it using Product IDs.

Thank You!


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