Analytics Workspace Fallout Report - Impact from PayPal Redirect?



Hi everyone,

I set up a new Workspace in Analytics and added a Fallout visualization. This Fallout includes the four different steps of our Checkout process: Billing Information, Shipping Information, Payment, and Finalize Order. In the Fallout, I am seeing a significant drop-off increase year-on-year from Payment to Finalize. I am also seeing a lower overall conversion rate for the time period than I see in Google Analytics.

My hypothesis at this point is that the Fallout is not factoring in people who choose PayPal as their payment method and get redirected off the site to pay through the PayPal portal. We did not have PayPal enabled on the site last year.

With PayPal, the process looks like:

1) Billing Information

2) Shipping Information

3) Payment

3.5) Redirection to PayPal to Complete Payment

4) Finalize Order

Any ideas on what I can change in Analytics (either a Report Suite setting or something in my Fallout or?) to verify whether this is the issue or not and to fix it if it is?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Open the developer tools in your browser (usually F12), go to Network tab, check the logs to persist and filter for the string /b/ss/

Then you should see all the tracking calls sent to the Adobe server. Click on the individual calls to see its parameters. You can check if the proper variables and/or events are set. If not, then there is something wrong with the code.