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Hi there,

We have several people that have left the business since we implemented Adobe Experience Cloud. We have removed their accounts/product access/details through the Admin Console, however, all users still appear in the User list within Analytics (Admin > Analytics Users & Assets). It's not that they've all been removed a week ago and are still appearing, some were removed months ago and are still listed as users in Analytics.

Why would this be happening? Do we need to remove them from here too? Would the user still be able to access Analytics in this scenario?

Lastly, does this happen for any other products in the Experience Cloud stack that anyone knows of?


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They wont be able to directly access Analytics as the legacy authentication has been disabled for Analytics and each user will have to login through Experience Cloud to get to Analytics.

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Hi Tahni,

If you have removed all access from Admin console then users cannot access Analytics. However, if you want users should not be seen in the Anaytics user management as well, then you have to remove the users from there as well.

You can go into

Admin-> User Management (legacy).

Select the users you want to delete

Delete Button the top will be highlighted

Then click delete

users will not be seen in Analytics user management.


karandeep Singh



Thanks for this quick response. You said it doesn't mean that their Analytics account gets deleted, so that means they could still access Analytics directly if their account remained in Analytics but not in the Admin Console?




Removing the users from Admin Console dont mean that their Analytics Account would get deleted. These are two separate entities. You will have to delete the Analytics Accounts explicitly as well.

This is how it works currently.