Analytics Report.Get not returning data and intermittently failing.



We started noticing the Report.Get endpoint has stopped returning data as of 3 days ago with a: no_warehouse_data error message. The interesting part is when looking at the Adobe Analytics DataWarehouse tab in the UI, if you were to duplicate the report and have it emailed to you, it works and returns the data requested.

Making the following request will work and give back a valid report id:

{ reportSuiteID: '[redacted]',

  dateFrom: '2019-09-16',

  dateTo: '2019-09-17',

  dateGranularity: 'day',


   [ { id: 'event5' },

     { id: 'event7' },

     { id: 'event8' },

     { id: 'revenue' },

     { id: 'uniquevisitors' },

     { id: 'visits' },

     { id: 'orders' } ],


   [ { id: 'mobiledevicetype', everythingElse: true },

     { id: 'trackingcode', everythingElse: true },

     { id: 'visitnumber', everythingElse: true },

     { id: 'trackingcode',

       classification: 'Tracking Code Classification 1',

       everythingElse: true },

     { id: 'trackingcode',

       classification: 'Tracking Code Classification 2',

       everythingElse: true } ],

  locale: 'en_US',

  currentData: true,

  source: 'warehouse',

  elementDataEncoding: 'utf8' }

But when querying the data, we getting the following message:


    "error": "no_warehouse_data",

    "error_description": "Warehouse request returned no data for time period",

    "error_uri": null


The interesting part here is calling the Request.Get about 5 times makes the report work and I am able to retrieve data, but refreshing again, and the report fails.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I want to clarify Kevin's post -- we've identified the problem and made the change to fix it. The change isn't in production yet though. We're working to get approvals to get that pushed out ASAP.

Its worth noting that this error is intermittent - retrying the Report.Get() request 2-3 times will eventually find a healthy host and retrieve the data.

Either myself or someone from Customer Care will reply and indicate when it is fixed in production. Thank you for your patience!

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Answers (3)



Hi all,

I got same issue and already raised issue with client care 3 days ago. Here is latest updates from client care @4:30pm EST 9/19/2019, "Engineering found a configuration problem and made a fix to the code today.




There is an open issue at the moment on this and Engineering is looking into.

If you can provide your request header/body and the response headers and body that will be helpful. you can also raise a issue with clientcare for investigation with the details.