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Why do users that we've removed from the Admin Console still appear in the Analytics User Management section? Does "Migration" mean the user's account has been moved (now controlled) by Admin Console?

We're finding it very difficult to understand where we need to focus, and remove users - especially when they leave the company. Just when we think we've got the process under control we find the user account listed in yet another location. (I.e., Analytics > Admin > User Management).

Thanks for help in understanding how to efficiently manage Analytics users and access.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




"Wayne V" just wrote an interesting reply to a similar question on measure slack, just reposting:


I know the answer to this solely cos I contacted CC. I did what they advised which is to transfer assets using legacy user admin and do all deletions in exp cloud admin. Any deletions will be mirrored in legacy (but not the other way). I did this and then ran into what you are seeing above. So back on to CC to be told that no that isn’t correct. That there’s no sync between the two. So if you want to delete a user you should first transfer their assets in legacy admin. Then you can delete their account in legacy. The users account can still exist in exp cloud admin (if they have access to other products etc). If they don’t and don’t need to be there you need to also delete from there as well. This is, and I quote CC, “by design”. What I had to do was dump both user lists from legacy and exp cloud- look up and remove accordingly so I got same list in both places. We now operate via the above process to keep everything secure. Exp cloud makes everything much simpler

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