[analytics] eVar0 classification

nicolea2328 11-04-2019

I am wanting to build classifications off of my eVar0 (tracking code). But I am not seeing eVar0 listed as an option when creating a classification under conversion variables. Is there any reason why it wouldn't be listed as an option? Is there another way to handle this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


eVar0 does not exist as a variable in Adobe Analytics - it is only a query string parameter that represents the tracking code variable. It's kind of confusing actually...

All three of these are the same variable:

  • JavaScript variable: s.campaign
  • Image request query string parameter: v0
  • In the Analytics UI: Tracking Code

If you're using s.eVar0 in your implementation, it's not populating any reports.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

nicolea2328 12-04-2019

Thanks for the reply. What if eVar0 is already set up? I have data populating in that variable today. But I do not have data populating in s.campaign.


Hi nicolea2328,

It is sorry for that if I didn't understand for your question correctly.

eVar0 = campaign.

eVar0  is reserved for tracking code.

So, If you want to set up eVar0, you need to set up campaign variables.