Analytics Data Feed: The "mc_audiences" field (Audience Manager segment IDs) is blank. Why?



Hi community:

I am using Adobe Analytics Data Feeds to export granular data to S3. I've activated the full feed, which includes the mc_audiences field (which provides the "Audience Manager segment IDs" list).

However, the mc_audiences field is completely blank. Why is this? I cannot find any information on activating this feature in the Data Feeds.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




HI Michael,

Similar question answered in What does the mc_audience column in a data feed contain

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Are you using server-side forwarding? You will only get this data when ss forwarding is configured correctly. see How to Verify Your Server-Side Forwarding Implementation

The mc_audiences field is a multi-value field / “list-variable”. The multiple values represent the segment IDs from Adobe Audience Manager’s Server Side Forwarding integration and are given in the subdocument’s value array, with the variable's delimiter as an ASCII character code in the delim property. "mc_audiences": {"values":["1111","2222","9999"], "delim":44}



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