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Hi whoever knows the answers,

I have several questions... after going through the analytics api 1.4 documentation, i realized it doesn't help answer any of the following:

1.) how do i build multi-segment api requests

-i.e. device type = mobile, not tablet, some other condition - without creating a new segment in the dashboard

2.) how do i build multi-metric api requests

-i.e. the documentation says metric[ {id: value} ]... cool but why does the following work







my point is, how do i add queries like this and what are all the properties and argument types

3.) how do i build multi-dimension api requests

-i.e a target activity (let's say experience) that has a page with two or three variants, how do i correctly built that type of request and what are all the properties and settings that i can use

4.) why do the numbers in the api not match the gui in analytics, let's say for visitors or unique visitors, how do i add the property that says don't count repeat visitors or whatever it is you do in the gui. what are all the properties a report description can contain.

5.) for god sakes, why did you deprecate the target api inside the analytics api, if someone only has access to the target api, how do you query a list of campaigns or maybe just ab tests or whatever, and how do you do it without using the data warehouse to get a zillion urls that need to be mapped one by one.

there's a lot more questions but i don't want to type them if no one knows the answer. its obviously possible since the workspace dashboard can do it and i've gone through the ajax requests it makes but the naming conventions, structure of the data and format don't match. maybe someone at adobe can help with these extremely frustrating questions.



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Hello to all,

So if I understood well, all the old Api requests to the report Api will be obsolete ?

I started working in a way to automate data extraction using the API , and we started using a python library that helps us to connect to the API and extract all the metrics using segments IDs.

Cheers !