analytics api v2.0 integration problem

宜臻林62450622 27-08-2018


1.Is v2.0 API recently updated on Github is officially announced? If not , when that be happen?

2.Have seen discussion on forum that v2.0 api can only integrate with Adobe I/O using OAuth 2.0,

   and i'll be redirected to log in page and neet to enter adobe ID then be redirected to tokens tab,

   but how can i achieve this by programming? Will using integration with Service Account be supported later?

need help and advice, thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


v2.0 API is now officially available. It wasn't announced until last month, but it was (mostly) available for a little while before then.

Docs have also been updated to accommodate the features that were in development. Feel free to reach out with any follow up questions.

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