Analysis Workspace: Creating an Hour Dimension without the date details




I'm looking to create a view in analysis workspace that would allow me to compare across days, traffic by hour.

the format of the freeform I had in mind would be

Hour        today        today-1        today-2        today-3, etc







Is there already or does anyone know of a way to create a new dimension for 'hour' that would allow me to do this?

The existing 'hour' dimension that is in Analysis Workspace includes the 'date' part of the datetime stamp.  i'm just looking for the time part.

It would be great if we do the same thing for 'minutes' or even every 'quarter hour'

Please advise if you have any ideas

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Jeremy,

If this is long term requirement, you can look at implementing the getTimeParting plugin described here -

The hour dimension available in workspace would let you define a specific hour of a specific day. 

If you want to do this in workspace without implementation changes, one workaround could be to create a separate segment for every hour of the specific days. The layout could be like:

Visits    Hour of today    Hour of today-1    Hour of today-2    Hour of today-3

If you want to extract the data in the format you suggested, you might want to try it via Report Builder. 

I hope this was helpful. Thanks!


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