Analysis Workspace Crashes When Trying to Change Filter Names

sara_andrews 03-05-2019

I have been struggling to update the filter names on my Analysis Workspace workbooks. When I do, I have to type one letter at a time and wait for it to populate before typing the next letter. In many instances, the page becomes unresponsive and I have to start all over or just not name the filters and leave the generic title there (not helpful to my stakeholders who are very novice users). Has anyone else had this issue? In general Analysis Workspace is. so. slow. Would love to see or understand if there are performance improvements in the road map

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Sara,

It may be an issue with a large report in some browsers, we found it helpful using a different browser or restarting system works great as well. sometimes adobe maintenance can cause this issue, find this url handy to check it Adobe Status



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