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For a project, I need to get order data from adobe workspace - but since it workspace has row limitations, many order data appear under 'small elements' and I am unable to export them. I tried scheduling a data warehouse query as an alternative - It gives me the entire data accurately, but it 2-3 hours for the query result to reach my inbox. Is there any way I can do this faster? Any suggestions are welcome

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Accepted Solutions (1)



For a large data request 2-3 hrs is good for Datawarehouse.

Some things you could try. If its sales data I would guess monthly totals are key. Try breaking the request into smaller chunks.

weekly for example.

Also make sure you dont have any waste columns(data you ultimately do not use) this can speed things up.

Worst case you get weekly within tens of minutes then start your build into what ever master you have adding others as they arrive.


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How many rows do you require? if less than 50k you can use report builder

both RB and DW may not necessarily be fast depending on the complexity and volume of your query thats how long it takes, like any large database.

You can schedule both to run out of hours or on a regular basis