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igoa64309210 09-01-2020

Hi there,


we are using adobe campaign classic, analytics, ad cloud, target, and audience manager. I am wondering is it possible to see data from all systems at one place. I know that you see ad metrics combined with analytics metrics but I also want to know which ad campaign generated which lead. And of course there are other questions on my mind such as what ad channel or content performs best in respect to conversion. 


Therefore it would be useful to have all this intel in one dashboard - under what conditions is that possible?


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igoa64309210 10-01-2020

Hi @ericmatisoff,

thanks for your quick response!

Does that mean the Adobe Marketing Cloud can indeed be used as a central Customer Marketing Plattform?


Hi there,


You're in luck! Campaign, Ad Cloud, Target, and Audience Manager can all be configured to integrate data into Adobe Analytics for analysis in a single Workspace project.

For Campaign, make sure you enable the Data Connector. Details here:

For Ad Cloud, take advantage of Analytics for Ad Cloud DSP. Details here:

For Target, apply the A4T integration:

And finally, for Audience Manager, enable the server-side forwarding integration to enable Audience Analytics:


Hope that helps!